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Sevens is a dice game. In most games sevens are good and lucky, but in this game sevens are bad.

What you need to play

  • 6 dice

The Object of the Game The object is to score the highest possible total by adding together the numbers of the remaining dice.

How to Play the Game Each player takes a turn rolling all 6 dice, then matching up all dice that add up to 7 and setting them aside.

For example: A player rolls 6,1,2,4,5,5.  They would discard 6,1 = 7 and 5,2 = 7, they would be left with 5,4 for a score of 9.

The player counts up the remaining dice and decides whether to keep their score or try again.  The player has up too three rolls and can stop after one or two rolls if he chooses.

The player with the highest score on the remaining dice wins.

Example game play

Player one rolls 6,1,2,4,5,5 and discards 6,1 = 7 and 5,2 = 7 and is left with 4,5 for a score of 9.  He decides to roll again. Player one rolls the dice for a second time 6,6,6,1,2,5 and discards 6,1 = 7 and 2,5 = 7 and is left with 6,6 for a total of 12.  He decides to keep this score.

Player two rolls 6,6,2,2,4,4 and discards nothing because he can not make any 7s with his roll.  His score is 24.  He decides to keep this score.

At the end of the first round player one has 12 and player two has a score of 24.

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