Sevens Out

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Sevens Out is a dice game.

What You Need to Play

  • 2 dice
  • A score sheet

Object of the Game Be the first to get to a pre-arranged score. For example 100 to 500.

How to Play the Game Each player takes a turn rolling both dice until they roll a seven.  Tally the previous rolls and add them to their score.  The first person to have a score equal to or grater then the per-arranged goal wins. Example game play Player one rolls, (4,4), (5,3), (3,7), his score for this round is 4+4+5+3+3 = 19.  Because player one rolled a seven his turn is over.  It now becomes player two"s turn. Player two rolls (4,5), (4,5), (3,2), (3,3), (3,3), (3,4), (7,7),  his total is 4+5+4+5+3+2+3+3+3+3+3+4 = 42 it is now players twos turn.

Play continues until one player reaches the pre-arranged score.

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