Samsung The Frame TV art

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I created a Gallery of AI/ML generated artwork for the The Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV. All the artwork in this gallery was generated by me using Mid Journey and has been resized to 3840×2160 or 16:9 aspect ratio 4K UHD. The artwork is free to download and use on your own TV and is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV requires a very specific resolution of 3840×2160 for custom artwork that you load onto the TV. If the resolution of the image is off by single pixel, even if the ratio (16:9), it will put a ‘mat border’ around the artwork. I find that the mat border less appealing.

I was having a problem finding artwork that fit this specifc 16:9 ratio but with the help of Mid Journey I was able to generate a series of photos with the specific resolution for the TV.

I created this project primarily to learn NuxtJS framework, and VueJS and to share the images I created using Mid Journey for the Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV.

Screenshot art-for-samsung-the-frame-tv project

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