Rental Guide are bad people, and suck.

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Me and my girlfriend where looking for a new place. She was searching for ads and came across a “Rental Guide” ad, and contacted them directly asking for a viewing of the house. Instead of setting up an appointing for a viewing they sold her a service where they search other classified ad sites for you and give results that match what you are looking for.

There are a few problems with this;

  • The ad/house did not exist, they are advertising a house that may have existed in the past but now does not exist and can not be rented.
  • They bullied her in to believing that they can do a better job then she can by searching craigslist.
  • I believe that they repost ads from other sites (craigslist) under their name on different sites,

They are a bad company that extorts money out of people that don’t know any better.

Rental Guide 5 East Broadway unit #1 Vancouver BC, V5T 1V4


It looks like they have a bunch of numbers that they use for the ads. Please feel free to block and ignore any ad with the following phone numbers.

Since their primary phone # 604-299-8844 has been blacklisted, they are posting a few ads a day with the phone numbers 566-9189, 566-9589, and 566-9831. To avoid repeated flagging, they delete these ads at the end of the day.

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