Questions is a drinking game.

    This is a favorite drinking game, although it"s often difficult to find people willing to play it.  Mid-level buzz factor. Basic supplies only: people and beer.  It starts with a room full of people, the more the merrier.  The object is to ask a question when it’s your turn, but this is much more difficult than it seems.  The rules are:

    Other notes: If the crowd cracks up (for example,after  a spectacularly personal question), a €œTeam Drink€ is called. The best way to play is to keep a question or two rolling around in your head to be spewed out after you are asked a question.  Good questions are the innocent sounding ones: €œHas the game started yet?€ €œIs it past midnight?€ €œIs that button on your shirt undone?€ Another good way to play is to get personal (the game usually descends to this level fairly quickly): €œDo you often pick your nose like that?€ €œDo you masturbate often?€ €œAre your breasts really 36DD?€ €œDoes your girlfriend arch when you make love?€