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Qualify is a dice game.

What you need to play

  • 5 dice
  • 2 or more players

Object of the game To have the highest score after rolling the dice 5 times.

How to play the game The first player rolls all five dice then sets aside the highest dice and rolls the remaining dice.  After the first player has rolled five times and set aside five dice, the dice are totaled and the passed to the next player.

You have to set aside at least one dice each turn.

After everyone has had a turn the player with the highest total wins. If there is tie a sub game between the the people that tied is used to determine a winner

Variations Sometimes people will play for bets where everyone antes up a token and the player with the highest score at the end wins all the tokens.

Other people play where you can set side as many dice as you like instead of just one.

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