Playa tips and tricks

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You can find lots of tips and tricks, First time guide, and Preparing for the Playa posts on the internet if you search hard enough and if its your first time you should be reading them all. This is my list hope it helps.

  • A normal kick stand for your bike will sink in to the playa dust, unless you put a tennis ball on the end of it.
  • Don't be a dark wad, put lots of lights on your bike. cycEL
  • Piss bottle, disgusting but necessary. I use 1L, large mouth Gatorade bottles, Mark your bottles clearly!. For camp only don't take them out on to the playa.
  • A bag of fresh, clean, normal clothing in a zipped locked bag for your trip home.
  • Socks and lots of them. You will not be able to wear the same socks two days in a row.
  • Don't sleep on the ground, It gets very cold at night.





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