PHP email template


    When I create a PHP script that has to send an email to a user I tend to use a template file for the body of the email. I load the template file in to the script then search and replace the variables that I need to before sending it to the user.

    I use this template system for a few reasons.

    One of my favorite PHP template engines is it just works. You can use it for both Email, Websites or what ever else you want. But it might be a little over kill when you want to just send one email using a template. Instead you could use something similar to this;

    $name = 'Mr Waterbottom';
    $emailBody = file_get_contents( 'email_template.tpl' ) ;
    $emailBody = str_replace( '__NAME__', $name, $emailBody );
    // SentEmail( $email, "Email Subject", $emailBody );
    echo "<pre>";
    echo $emailBody ;
    echo "</pre>";


    Hello __NAME__
    How are you doing?