Photo Gallery that does not require a MySql database


    A while ago I was looking for a truly upload and go photo gallery one that does require a database. I found an abandoned PHP project called Simple PHP gallery by Paul Griffin.

    No database required, automatically generates thumbnails,  auto generates gallery layout based off of file structior, a truly upload and go photo gallery. It was almost perfect only missing a few “nice to have” mod_rewrite and comments, file upload, and IPCT data.

    After a little searching on Google I found that other people had made improvements to this package such as Enhanced Simple PHP Gallery and Espg v2 that alowed for mod_rewrite, comments.

    I took the eSPG project and altered its source code and added the ability to read the IPCT titles, a pretty easy mod that you can read about and download Enhanced Simple PHP Gallery IPTC mod

    The website for original developer of this project has been shut down. I have mirrored of the original project that you can download. eSPG with IPCT mod


    Minimum Requirements

    Recommended Requirements