Perverted Sounds

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Perverted Sounds is a drinking word game.

What you need to play

  • 2 or more people (works best with 4-6 people)

How to play the game You make a rhythm (either clapping hands twice and once on knees, etc€¦) Everyone sits in a circle, and every player has to think up of a personal perverted sound as well as an action for it.

For example: one can moan while closing their eyes and run their tongue on their lips, someone else can say “ slurp, slurp” and pretend they"re giving a blowjob.  After doing your personal perverted sound and action, you have to follow it by doing someone else"s.  The person to whom the latter sound and action belong to has to do their sound followed by someone else’s.  All the while they have to do this in rhythm.  The rest of the group has to keep the rhythm as well. Whoever messes up (like if they say a sound but do a different action) has to drink from a cup in the middle (filled with anything you like).  It"s extremely hilarious, especially when you do a weird action that doesn"t correspond to the sound!   It gets harder and funnier when you"re drunk! Category: Drinking, Word

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