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Passage is a dice game.

What you need to play

  • 2 dice

Object of the game The object of this game is to be the first person to roll the point value 11 times.

How to play the game Everyone rolls both dice once.  The player with the highest roll goes first, the player with the lowest roll rolls one die to set the set point.

Starting with the player that rolled the highest and proceeding clockwise, each player rolls both dice and tries to roll the set point.  Each time a player rolls the set point they get a single point. If a player rolls doubles of the set point they score 3 instead of 2.

First player to get 11 points by rolling the set point wins.

Example of game play Player one rolled the lowest on the initial round and rolls one die for 3.  The set point is now 4 if a player rolls a 4 on any of the two dice he gets 1 point.  If a player rolls doubles on of the set point 4, he gets 3 points instead of 2. Player two rolled the highest on the initial round and rolls both dice he gets 2 and 4, player two scores 1 point. Player three rolls both dice for 3 and 3, player three scores nothing because he did not roll the point die. Player one rolls both dice and gets 4 and 4, instead of 2 points he gets 3 points for rolling doubles of the point die. Player two rolls both dice and gets 3 and 4, player two scores one point for a total of 2 points.

Play continues until a player has a total of 11 points.

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