Notes from May 2017

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Some of the things that I have found interesting in May 2017. This page is updated throughout the month of May. See April 2017 for the previous month.

I have been working on LED Pillar project as well as cleaning up my old LED projects for maker faire.

Embedded electronics communities






  • Future Camp 2017 - Future Camp is an unconference that brings together the keenest minds in the Pacific Northwest to discuss and debate where the future is taking us.
  • CACAO 70 - A great chocolate fondue restaurant.


Robot face

Information / Data

  • Big Poop Data - real time data analitics about a toilet at MetaLab. Always remember, this could be your toilet.. Relevent: logs for a toilet
  • SENSE ALL THE THINGS WITH A SYNTHETIC SENSOR - High speed sensor that uses mulitple sensors to attempt to guess what is going on in the world around. Amazing tech.
  • Zensors - Simple machine learning of enviorments using a cell phone or web cam.
  • GIERAD LAPUT - He specialize in Human-Computer Interaction. Research program explores novel sensing technologies for mobile and wearable computing, smart environments, and the Internet of Things.

Movies / Music / Meida

  • Goliath TV - A disgraced lawyer, now an ambulance chaser, gets a case that could bring him redemption or at least revenge on the firm which expelled him.




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