NiceDog nano php web framework


    Last week I started on a simple web app that only has three pages. After I got the prototype working I wanted to clean up the code and switch over to using a more robust framework. Normally I would use something like CakePHP (PHP MVC framework). But since this web app is so small and didn’t need all the extra power that CakePHP provided I decided the CakePHP is probably overkill. I did a quick google search and found a nano php web framework called NiceDog. Its a single file, very light, framework similar to for python.

    After playing around with the source code for a while I found a few bugs with the system. The tutorial also didn’t include a example project to download and try out. So I fixed some of the bugs and created the example code.


    NiceDog nano php web framework example code. 

    * Created by: Steven Smethurst
    * Created on: 28 July 2012
    * A example file for NiceDog php nano web framework found
    require 'NiceDog.php';
    class Test extends C{
    public function index(){
    echo 'Hello world';
    public function foo(){
    echo "bar";
    public function p_tag($tag){
    $this->tag = $tag;
    echo $this->render('views/index.php');
    // This is the error page.
    function r404() {
    echo "Error: 404 Page not found";

    In the end I decided against using this framework as it has obviously not been toughly tested enough for production and the lack of support from the community.