More GeoCoins tests

less than 1 minute read

I made some more demo GeoCoins on VHS’s laser cutter. It took creating about ~25 coins to get the settings just right.

I have started adding some of them to the thing tracker. While using the thing tracker I hope to learn how to make the experence better for normal users. I like to Eat my own dog food.

The sweet spot seems to be for the Ghost and lettering is 40 % speed and 100% power. The outside cutting of the coin looks to be 7% speed with 100% power.

The lettering is using Times New Roman and the Numbers are in Arial bold. The Arial bold work really well for the larger letters but was almost unreadable at the smaller font size. I might do some more testing with different fonts

I also cut a few more acrylic tiny ghosts as well. These have been popular with some people and I have been giving them to lots of different people. There also good to describe what the laser cutter is and how it works.

Now that the testing is mostly done I can start work on actual design of the coins.

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