Midnight Mass Bike Ride

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Midnight Mass Bike Ride

Hey all you kids out there in bike land - we’re days away from the 4th Thursday of the month - This thursday, July 27th it’s time once again for the midnight mass!

Who: A bunch of insomniac cycle loving fools with a penchant for cruising this city in its darkened state.

What: A chance to see your city from a new perspective. A social club. A chance to ride in a world without cars. A party on wheels. A place to network and share ideas. A celebration of the bicycle. An adventure - complete with tree forts and secret trails. A bike ride! All of these things and more, sometimes all at once.

Where: We go everywhere - there’s no set route, so bring suggestions (as well as your knowledge of 24 hour joints). We meet at Grandview Park on Commercial Drive @ Charles st. (across from the Havana and Turks).

When: The Second and Fourth thursday of the month (in this case, the 27th) - meet at 11:45, roll at midnight!

Why: Why the hell not? Its more fun than most thursday nights!

Bring your wheels, your lights, your friends, and your secret knowledge of the city and come get your ass to the midnight mass!




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