MaBeGroMo Rules

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One of my good friends are starting the NaNoWriMo today so far hes gotten 457 words in. Not being a writer or wanting to be one I am effectively disqualified from the compaction.

So instead I am joining the MabeGroMo.

MaBeGroMo Rules

Rule 1: At some point between now and November 1, you take a “ before” picture of yourself and put your razor away. Rule 2: At some point after November 30, you take an “ after” picture of yourself, and decide whether to reunite with your razor or renew your short-term contract with your newly found friend. You may then claim the title of “ MaBeGroMo Member” Rule 3: If you make it to February 14, you have beaten the extended challenge and can rightfully claim the title of “ MaBeGroMo Champion.” Rule 4: If you make it past February 14, step out of the Home Depot, put down the deer carcass, and shower well before signing up for several internet “ dating” services. This is just a suggestion.

You"re thinking about it. I can see it. I"ve taken the liberty of answering some of your presented concerns to give you the encouragement to get started in The Beard FAQ. Good luck.



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