Let"s Be Brief - A story in 6 words


    1062053772786.gifIn my endless wondering around the internet I found this interesting site middlezonemusings.com that had an intersting writing contest recently.

    Write a story in 6 words

    Some of the better entries include; In between her smiles, despair danced, Kittens are harmless! (Sophie"s last words.), Never was cutting toenails so fatal, ‘wedding cake, kids, debt, divorce, freedom.’

    In the end there where over 400 entries the winners can be found on this page and include ;

    I came much to late to enter the contest but I came up with a few of my own, ‘Sam sunk deep in to his mind’, ‘I didn’t eat the Nichole’s mouse” ya I know they could use some work.

    Interesting contest if nothing else