Layered paper cut with spacers between each layer

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I made this laser cut, paper, layered, circle design a few weeks ago. At the time I didn’t have any different color paper so I made it out of red paper. The problem with making it all out of red is that the different layers don’t show up that well. I took the results as a test and left it in the corner of my room where all my tests cut go.

I stumbled on to this Charles Clary work with his layered paper cut sculptures. Below is a video of him creating one. Note how he uses spacers between each layer.

I took the old design and put a coroplast spacer between each layer just in the center and glued the entire set together. I like this version more than the old version as the layers are much more pronounced but basic design needs to be more interesting.

Old version fe335b7d80d8c0ba

New version IMG_20141012_192343

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