Laser cut spray paint stencils

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I have been using laser cutter at the Vancouver hackspace to make spray paint stencils. I use to cut these stencils by hand and it would take anywhere from 2-3 hours each. Now it takes 15mins with the laser cutter.

Cthulhu 10624378_1457303577863652_15153576_n

Aperture science companion cube10584733_1462320967381349_1069794375_n

Aperture science cube to the head10593490_846481145365128_1787293676_n

Cheshire cat 10598654_258537317670124_2074998288_n

Hypnotoad Obey 1171260_708035729258363_1936724786_n

Failed music flower 10507960_496670723802525_524441828_n

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