King's Cup


    A classic drinking game that evolves filling a cup (the kings cup) with random shots of liquor for the unfortunate loser of the game. As with all drinking games the point of the game is to get drunk.

    You will need

    Set up Place a large cup in the center of a table with cards spread around it face down.

    How to play the game Each player picks a card from the face down cards and follows the rules below. Once done the turn order goes to the left. Mob rules - majority always rules, if they say drink when or if you messed up, you drink.

    Ace- Social, everyone drinks. 2- Is for You, you pick someone to drink. 3- Is for Me, you drink. 4- Is for Whores, girls drink. 5- Rule, make a rule everyone must follow until the next 5 is picked.  If rule is broken, that person must drink.  See below for example rules 6- Is for dicks, guys drink. 7- Multiples of 11, The person who picks this card begins to count..”1”, the next person continues saying.. “2”, and the nextplayer says..”3”, and so on.  As soon as you reach 7 (whoever it lands on), the player says “FCK YOU!” instead.  The direction then reverses (so the person who just said 6, now must say 8 and whoever said 5 says 9), and continues untill 11 is the number to be said and instead saying “FCK YOU” and the direction again reverses.  Whoever f*cks up…DRINKS!

    8- Don"t be late, a.k.a thumbs on table or points to the sky.  Whoever is the last to pick-up on the play must drink. 9- Nines is rhyme.  The person who draws this card will say a word, then the person to the right has to say a word that rhymes with it.  This continues around the table until someone messes up.  This person has to drink. 10- Waterfalls.  The person who picks this card has a choice of playing waterfall.  That person begins to drink.  The person next to the starter then begins to drink soon after, the player next to them begins drinking after the follower, and so on.  The trick is you can’t stop drinking until the starting player stops, then each player in order can stop once the player before them has stopped. Jack - Go Back, the person before you drinks. Queen- Questions (my personal least favorite).  Player turns to the person next to them and asks a question (ex: Have you ever licked a donkey"s butt hole?)  Then that person must turn to the next person and ask a relevant question (ex: Wouldn"t a Donkeys butt hole taste like candy?) the person who fumbles drinks.  Each question must be answered with a question!! King- This is the kicker.  Whenever a king is drawn, that person must pour however much of their drink they wish into the empty cup on the table.  The person who draws the last king MUST DOWN THE KINGS CUP!  You could see what chaos would occure with more than one deck and several diffrent types of booze!

    Variations of this Game

    There are lots of different variations of this game, replacing some rules with others.  Some of the more common rules that I have seen are: