Javascript redirect when device has restarted

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Over the past few months I have been building a sensor device with a embedded webserver for configuration and reporting. When a user saves a configuration to the device the device needs to be restarted before the changes come in to effect.

While the device is restarting the webserver is unreachable and the users get a blank page or 404 pages, this is bad for the users. So I created this simple script to check to see if the device has been restarted correctly then redirect the users to the correct page. This script uses JQuery

Script: Redirect on reboot

<script type="text/javascript">
		function UrlExists(url) {
			var http = new XMLHttpRequest();'HEAD', url, false);
			return http.status!=404;

		var checkCount = 0 ; 

		function CheckServerUp(){
			$('#status').text('Checking. ' + checkCount ) ;			
			if( checkCount > 30 ) {
				$('#Error').html('The device is taking a long time to reboot, <a href="/refresh2.htm">Click here to continue</a>' + checkCount ) ;

			if( UrlExists( "refresh2.htm" ) ) {
				$('#status').text('Device running, redirecting...') ; 
				window.location.replace( "/refresh2.htm" );				

			setInterval( "CheckServerUp()", 1000 );			




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