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Jackpot is a dice game that was played in many taverns in the middle ages.  People could often find the game"s layout on the taverns tables.  In lower-class establishments the layout is often crudely carved into the tables surface, whereas finer establishments have been known to use specific tables set aside for the game.

This game is also known as Dragon"s Hoard.

What you need to play

  • 2 dice
  • 2 or more players
  • Some chips (Max of 33 chips need, most of the time a lot less are required)
  • A game board descried below (can me made with a pen)



Game Board The game is usually nine circles with the numbers 3 through 11 inside them.  A design is drawn in the center.

How to play the game Players throw the dice in turn.  After each throw, the players place a chip on the corresponding number on the layout.  For example, if a player throws a total of 4, he places a chip on the area of the layout marked 4.  The dice are then passed counter clock wise.  Once a number on the layout has three or more chips on it, the next player to roll that number collects them.

If a player rolls a pair of 1"s, (known as Dragon Eyes), that player places a chip on all the numbers on the layout. If a player rolls a pair of 6"s, (know as Stealing the Hoard), they collect all the chips on the layout. Play continues for a pre-determined time, or until it is agreed to end the game.

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