internet robot zombies

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If you run a website that has a contacts form or any other input from users. sooner or later you will start getting attacked by internet robot zombies.

What is a " internet robot zombies" you ask? Well lets break it up a little bit.

A robot is a program that someone has written, that searches a websites for " contact us" pages or submit-able forms. This robots job is so send you as much spam as possible and create links back to its creates homepage. This spam and back links generate revenue for the creator of the robot. This works ok, depending on how fast the computer is it would send out ~10,000 new spam messages an hour.

But this has a single point of fail. Since all the spam comes from one computer its easy to block just that one computer from the internet. Also since all the spam is coming from one computer the internet police could break down your door.

So the creator builds a virus that sends his robot to as many computers as he can. People that get infected become zombies and start infecting there friends. All these zombies computers are running this robot that is spending more and more spam. Since they are coming from inspecting people that don"t even know they are infected it really hard to shut down these zombies. You kill one and 100 more pop up in its place.

Worse case scenario
There are so many internet robot zombies that they rip apart the internet at its seems. so much traffic and so much spam that it becomes imposable for a normal user to even use it. Zombie internet apocalypses.

What can be done to stop the internet zombie hordes?
its really simple, stupidly simple to stop the internet zombie apocalypses. Stop buying things from spammers. Don"t buy Viagra pills, or weight lost magic wands. They don"t work, its not on the up and up. you are getting scammed. Stop it, stop it, stop it.

Unfortunately lots of people want to have there penis enlarged to 45" or  be able to work there way in to a size 6 dress. Its only a matter of time before the internet zombies breach the gates. We really can only slow them down. Equipping your computer with anit-virus software. Write better software that does not have as many security holes that let the zombies in.

Please don"t by Viagra from the internet, please.

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