Inspiration - Stained glass windows project


    This post is part of a series on the stained glass windows project.

    I was looking for a project that allowed me to combine my experience with the laser cutter, programing, and my new fascination with Math Art, mandalas and sacred geometry.

    The primary source of inspiration came from my trip to Portland winter lighting festival in february 2018. One of the many amazing projects that I saw during the festival was Stoicheia Elements by Lilli Szafranski and Jesse Banks from Lumina Lab. A Digital stained-glass, twelve-sided, four-foot diameter, Dodecahedron, with 2,200 RGB LEDs. The Kickstarter Project describes the project in detail.

    Lilli Szafranski also did a talk about this project during the festival. The software behind stoicheia - How software makes art

    I liked Stoicheia Elements a lot. It combined a bunch of my passions into a single project. Laser cutter, CNC, CAD, LEDs, programing, art, and geometric shapes.

    Corinne Leroux from Awesome Sauce Designs, create these amazing pop culture stain glass windows in her workshop next to mine at Maker Labs. etsy. She has shown me a few tricks over the months with different stain glass techniques.

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    I have been following Regolo Bizzi on instagram for a few months. He creates wonderful mandalas, mathart and sacred geometry. He has posted several inprogress designs that helped me learn how to do these kinds of work.

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    I have done a few laser cut wood and paper lanterns for festivals in the past. Combined with the mandalas and sacred geometry I did for the pocket universe project.

    43 of 100 for #the100dayproject. Leds installed in the first panel. It looks so pretty. Starting on animation tomorrow. #led #diy #vmmf #makerfaire #cnc #geometry #geodome #shopbot #gvias

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    A prototype Pylon #lantern with #voronoi pattern. #laser #lasercutter #wood #sculpture #geometry #colors #led #prototype #glow, 81 of 100 for #the100dayproject.

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