Idea 100 plus

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This post is part of the 100 project ideas project. #The100DayProject. I am looking for feedback. Comment below or DM me via social media Instagram, Twitter.

These are all the ideas that I thought of after the 100 day project or ideas that didn’t make the orginal cut

101 - Capacitive touch Ouija board synch

26 letters, 0-9 numbers, yes/no sensor pads. Each pad has a backlit LED.

Two modes

  • Ouija board - You and your friends put your hands onto the board, ask your question. The board makes some sounds while it reads the capacitance from everyone’s fingers. Use this number as a lookup in a database of short quotes. Then the sounds stop. Everyone removes there hands, and the device illuminates each letter or number in the quote slowly. (standard Ouija board but using peoples capacitance as a input)
  • Each of the letters and numbers are touch pads, these pads can be used as a midi controller for synths. You can play music with the Ouija board

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