Idea 088 - Glass room of perspectives

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One Line Pitch

A art installation where a user enters a room that looks like the inside of a kaleidoscope


palm-temple-lukejerramIn the middle of a larger room is a glass dome with an entrance. The outer walls of the dome are covered in many different colored glass windows, lenses, mirrored reflections, etc… As someone enters the room they can look out one of the many windows. The window changes their perspective of the outside world either with color or magnification or other lensing, prism effects.

The other people can walk around the outside of the dome and look inwards towards the people inside. The people inside the dome can look outwards.

Prior art

I have seen this done a few times at burning man and other festivals. Most of the time the windows are pretty large, a few feet across. I would like to have more windows that are smaller, about the same size as someone’s head.


Art and music festivals

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