Idea 087 - Crowd sourced life planner

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One Line Pitch

A website that uses flowcharts and other tools for helping with life choices. Crowd sourced, choose your own adventure style


The problem

The big choices in life are overwhelming, the small choices in life have been made by millions of people each day. 109 billion people have lived and died so far. There are very few unique choices in life that someone else hasn’t already made. All of these people have made choices in their life that we can learn from.

Feedback loops are hard on choices made over decades as technology rapidly progresses. Feedback on choices that you make once, maybe twice in your lifetime is hard. Collecting unbiased feedback on the outcome of small choices is difficult.

People’s problems aren’t really unique.

Common sense isn’t common

The solution

Create a website that allows people to create flow charts for life choices. Entirely crowd sourced, choose your own adventure style questionnaire, WikiHow style layout.

What should I cook for dinner tonight? Should I go to post-secondary school? What kind of dishwasher should I buy? Should I have children? What shirt should I wear to the work function? What should I do Thursday night?

It starts with a search box where you enter in keywords about a choice that you have to make. On the search results page (SRP) lists a title of a choice that you need to make, and a short description. The user selects the appropriate link for their choice. They are presented with a quiz like flow chart. They are asked a few questions. As they enter their answers the possible paths based on the information that they provide are revealed.

As people make choices in the quiz the weights of each choice are increased and made more visible to the next person. People can add to any flowchart to add more choices, more decisions, more paths to take. The choices are then voted on by people to increase or decrease the visibility of each choice.

When a user fills out the quiz, they are given a choice to add a reminder to their account. The system will then follow up with the user asking for feedback. Did they follow the flow chart?, what were the short term results, what were the long term results? Etc… Solicit feedback

Flow charts are linked together as needed. If one choice links into another then the two flow charts have links to each other to continue the flow.

Stretch goals

Eventually with enough flow charts and feedback, we should be able to simulate a whole life’s worth of choices. A simulator for life. All the If-else’s that a human makes in life. You can give it a few desired outcomes and your current state, then allow it to find possible paths to that conclusion. Then you have a flow chart or directions on how to get to your destination.

A flow chart for life could also be used in AI. If the AI had all the choices and possible paths, and the feedback from the users. They could emulate a real life situation better. This could be used as their heuristic for success.

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