Idea 081 - Experience confidence scores

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👉 After sleeping on this idea and reviewing it in the morning this idea is; LinkedIn with more steps and is not worth pursuing. 👈

The idea can be condensed down to combining Idea 080 - Real Identity provider with Motzilla’s Open Badges and using a magic algorithm to determine confidence. Then make a LinkedIn style profile of the user that can be used in the interview process.

One Line Pitch

Allows people to assert their experience with a skill with 3rd parties confidence score


Now that we have a way of asserting someone is who they say they are Idea 080 - Real Identity provider, and third parties can user their reputation to sign assertions of facts.

The problem or “Gap”

It’s hard to prove that you are experienced in a field when you do not have a certification from an organization

Reputable certification organizations (Universities), have an incentive to require their students to attend time consuming and expensive courses before providing certification

Certification can be expensive and time consuming to obtain even if you have the prior knowledge and experience

Employers have a disincentive to asserting that you have a skillset to other potential employers

People lie about their skill sets and experience in job applications

A certification from one organization may not mean the same thing as another.

There are a lot of unreputable diploma mills that will give certification to anyone who will pay enough for them.

All of these issues make it harder for potential employers to assert the skill sets and experience of a potential employee. Employers then have to either depend on certification from organizations that they recognize or a lengthy interview process with technical tests to determine skills and experience.

The Goal

Provide an employer with independently validated information about potential employees skill sets and experience with a confidence score.

Allow more people to provide feedback about an employee.

Get feedback from employers about employees throughout their career.

Allow for ranking of organizations that provide certification.

Possible solution

Combine Idea 080 - Real Identity provider with Motzilla’s Open Badges and use a magic algorithm to determine confidence. Then make a Linked-in style profile of the user that can be used in the interview process.

Allow anyone to assert that anyone else has a skill set or experience using the Idea 080 - Real Identity provider system. This allows for the user to solicit assertions of skill sets and experience from anyone. Co-workers, employers, schools, workshops, schools, etc…

Rank the sources of assertions based on some magic sauce to determine a confidence that this user has the skills and expertise. For example skill sets asserted from trusted universities would be ranked higher than a user that has only ranked one or two other individuals. A recent co-worker recommendation is worth more than a very old co-worker.

Continued employment is an assertion of skill sets and experience for the role that they are in.

Users can solicit assertion from employers and co-workers of their continued employment to validate that they are still employees there.

Find other methods for getting feedback from current employers about employees. Provide tools for employers to do employee reviews and feedback.

Other notes

Provide an API or service for organizations to certify their students’ completion of courses, skills, and experience. Like Motzilla’s Open Badges. Think of a community college or a maker space or a workshop.

Provide an API that organizations could use to see if someone has gone through their own certification for safety on a piece of equipment. Think of a lock out for a lathe.

If an organization won’t sign an assertion of the course or skills (big universities). The service can, for a fee, independently validate the complication of a course. This could be done by receiving a transcripts or a copy of the certifications. This allows for importing existing skill sets and certifications.

The service could also provide certification testing in many forms, online, in person, via authorized 3rd parties. Think leetcode

Prior art

  • Canvas by Instructure - I never heard of them before but they mostly work with the traditional education system k12 though universities to provide badges of completion of courses.
  • LinkedIn - This is a more complex version of linkedin with more steps.

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