Idea 078 - House to Tree house telephone system

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One Line Pitch

Connect old style phones together in a point to point telephone network


the coolest 90s style phones in a tree house, treehouse, corded phones, wires, transpartent, 90s, neonA device that allows you to connect any two old style phones using RJ11 cables together. The phones can “call” each other, the bells in the phones will ring.

RJ11 cables are cheap but harder to get these days, instead allowing for standard RJ45 (Ethernet) cables as well. Or any 3 wire cable.

The main goal is to allow for point to point calling but it would be neat to have the ability to call different phones. A house phone system.

Question: Why not just use a cell phone?

Less fun, and I don’t want people in my tree house being able to call outside phone numbers

Prior art


This system would be great for tree houses, play houses, calling to the garage, and retrofitting old homes with an intercom system.

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