Idea 073 - Glowing tentacle eyeball monster

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One Line Pitch

Glowing tentacle monster made out of flexible vinyl ducting and LEDs.


light-fallsFlexible Vinyl Ducting makes a good light diffuser.

The vinyl ducting is cheap at 8ft for $6 CAD and easily fits within each other to create a continuous tube. Available everywhere. With a small cardboard insert the LED strip can be placed in the center of the tube to prevent hot spots. It looks best from +20 feet away but when you get within 10 feet it loses some of its mystery.

It would make a good material to make a music festival installation. A garbage monster with many tentacles flowing out of a central mass. 20 feet tall with the light up tentacle tubes coiling around the body in twisted mess. The LEDs in the tentacles would be pulsing with colors like a heartbeat. Similar to the Sentinel in The Matrix movies.

The head is an acrylic dome with a Pepper’s ghost effect (ghostly, semi transparent, out of focus). In the dome are many squirming eyeball monsters, moving around that appear to be controlling the tentacle tube monster. The eyeball monsters should look like roaming eyes of the monster.




  • Light Diffusion - Breaks up the light and bounces it off something to reduce the hotspots of the LEDs. IT evenly distributes the light across the whole surface.
  • Hot spots - Where you can see the LED shape through the diffuser instead of being evenly distributed.

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