Idea 071 - Levitating 3D Mouse

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One Line Pitch

Using magnets coils to levitate the mouse in the air, and 9 degrees of freedom sensors to detect motion


magnetic-levitation-plantWhen designing 3D models it can be useful to use a 3D mouse to easily navigate in 3D space. These tend to look like a joystick that allows for pushing in and out for zoning, and twisting left and right rotation.

What I propose is to use two magnetic coils to levitate a cube in space. This is commoditized already and you often see it in levitating potted air plants. Magnetic Levitation: The New Way to Grow and Care for Your Plants

The cube has an embedded accelerator and gyro in it with 9 degrees of freedom. When a user rotates the cube in space the motion is wirelessly transmitted to a virtual 3D mouse that can be used in CAD application. The cube is powered by coil transmitting power wirelessly (Already done)

Instructions on how to make a magnetic-levitation lamp device

Basically combining three existing technologies together.

Prior art

  • Project McFly - April fools joke by Razer
  • The Bat - It holds a mouse in the air for storage not use.


People who work a lot in CAD

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