Idea 069 - One Liners

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This post is part of the 100 project ideas project. #The100DayProject. I am looking for feedback. Comment below or DM me via social media Instagram, Twitter.

One Line Pitch

All the bad one liner ideas that won’t get developed into anything


36 throwaway ideas for the 69th idea day. The idea is to make a post about them so I can clear my backlog. Writing this post marks this project as done ✅

Sexy Ideas

Starting with the Sexy ones because this is the 69th idea post.

  • Animal dicks - Silicon last versions of many different animal dicks
  • How do you compare? - Young Men are obsessed with dicks, and comparing their dicks to each other and any inanimate object around. In this art show we make silicon casts of different Animal dicks and stage them around the gallery. Then we invite people to compare their member size against the animal kingdom.
  • Crowd pleaser - Don’t know what to say during sex, now you don’t have to with the Crowd pleaser. A bluetooth cock ring connected to a splash proof speaker. When it senses movement a crowd starts to shout encouragement and cheers you on until your big finish.
  • Dick Stats - Using machine learning we can determine the social economic class of a person from a photo of their dick. Got a pretty, but unsolicited dick pic, well our service will tell you if they got the cash to back up their brovoto
  • The Glory hole - A shop with several little stalls. In each stall there is a hole waist high. On the other side is a pressure activated sex flesh light. It “should be” legal as no one is on the other side. But the patrons can imagine whatever they like.
  • Hour glass cocktail dispenser - A single automatic cocktail dispenser for 5pm. Fill the chambers with different fluids and at 5pm it will automatically mix the chambers together, and shake to make a delicious cocktail.
  • Gigaity glasses - AR glasses that update the view to hallucinate everyone without clothing. (Stable diffusion)
  • Naughty fortune cookies - These are fortune cookies with adult-themed messages inside. Something to set up the idea at the end of night.
  • Violent Violet Wand - A battery powered Violet Wand that you can attach to your belt. A thin metal mesh shirt and pants. When someone touches you in a crowd they get a 45KV Shock (very low amps) that should make them think twice. Bounce points you can turn it down to normal Violet Wand levels for more of a tingly playful sensation.


  • Glow bottle - A puck that you attach to the bottom of your water bottle and it shines lights up into the bottle as a diffuser. Glowing water bottle.
  • Anti-backwashing-straw - A glass straw with a flashback valve that prevents “backwashing” into a drink.
  • Beaver bottle opener - A stuffed beaver that you can use to open beer bottles with its teeth. It’s cute.
  • Talking plant pot - A pot for a plant that when the plant needs to be watered it starts making the kitten meowing noises. Mew, Mew, Mew
  • White board for the shower - Preferably one of the magnetic ones that you can push a button and it erases the whole board. Prior art Shower Waterproof Whiteboard
  • Sore mussel finder - Probe of nails that tests conductivity between the points in an effort to find mussels or parts of the body that need a message.
  • Motion detector eyeball - Tiny PCB shaped like an eyeball. It has vision sensors on it. That reports home if it sees any motion, maybe a light sensor to tell what kind of light it sees. Same thing with the ear. It hears the volume levels, takes averages over a time and reports how noisy it is around you all the time. Then you can track how much noise you hear.
  • Playing cards made out of PCB - Each playing card has a different sensor on it. They are all the same size. All have the same power socket in the same place. Each one is designed differently. Collect the whole set.
  • Calendar from the future - Certain calendar years match up with past and future calendar years. For example you can use the 2007 calendar in 2019 and 2029. The days of the week will line up, the holidays will be on the same days, etc… A list of future and past Years with Same Calendar. The ideas is to make a calendar for the upcoming year that has the date of the future year. Then fill it with futuristic stuff. Like a found story from the future. “Andy: With references to future history, strange new holidays” The fall meme of instagram of 2025 - Apromitily 50,000 people dead in a new meme where people were taking pictures (“Selfies) of themselves falling from great heights. It started out falling on to beds, or while rock climbing with safety equipment. It quickly escalated from there as people tried to one up each other. By the end of the first year over 50,000 people had died from attempting this meme… Its considered the first mass suicide meme. One of the most epic versions of this meme was a couple that fell into an active volcano while live streaming their descent. Their photo is shown above.
  • Smarter clothes hangers - We add scroll wheel dates. When you put your clothes on the hangers you set the date so you know when you last wore it. If greater the x toss it during spring cleaning
  • Paper mache skull - A Skull made Paper mache. Dirt and a fast growing plant on the inside. Maybe wax coating on the inside. As the plant gorws then explodes from the shell and grows up. The casing is biodegradable and joins the plant overtime.


  • We find it for you - A service where we find hard to source items and provide them to you for exuberant pricing. If there is a new toy that everyone wants but is sold out everywhere, we will find it for you and charge you for it (hot new thing). If you are building a product and one of the components is sold out, we will get you this component at an absurd price (Supply chain issues). We are not cheap but if you have no other choice, we can do it for you. Also we make lists of items and notify you if they ever to become available (PS5 availability mailing list)
  • A group dinner club - Instead of 5 people getting food together. We have 50 people. We go to a restaurant and ask them what their lowest traffic day is (I assume Tuesday) and tell them that we can bring in 50 people on that day if you are willing to give us a discount of 20-30%. People get cheaper food, a community to talk to, new people to meet. The restaurant gets a full house on a day they normally wouldn’t get a full house. Unlike groupon this is a one day thing. People aren’t signing up for the specific restaurant they are signing up to be with 50 other randoms that are looking to meet people and enjoy a night out. We can even pre-pay the restaurant, and reserve 50 seats with a fixed menu to make it a little easier on the restaurant.
  • Should I get a beard - Use ML to show a photo of a person with and without a beard. Helps people choose if they should grow out their beard or not.


  • Wood veneer lampshade - Lamp made of laser cut wood veneer with LEDS behind it. The wood grain should show through the veneer. Prior Art: Veneer-Lamp-Shade
  • PCB flower petals - LEDs at the end of the petals, thick power rails at the base of the petals. The flower petals are all the same. The stock can be twisted wires into roots. Prior Art: PCB Flower
  • Life size Operation game - A full size version of the game that can be taken to festivals.
  • Giant Arcade Game - A simple MAME game (maybe pacman or space invaders) that run off an RPi, but the joystick is 6’ high, and the one button is 20” across. Video is projected onto the wall. The point would be to have it so big that it would take two (or more) people to run it. A couple on the joystick and one on the button.
  • Milk jug Igloo/Castle with LEDs - Make an igloo out of milk jugs just like the videos, then replace all the milk jug caps with addressable LEDs. Then we can make patterns on the outside of the igloo. Prior art: a dragon that Luke made a few years ago out of milk jugs
  • ROCK EMOJI - New emoji for rock. There is no emoticon for rock. I think the world would be better for having one, most of the planet is made of rocks. I listened to this podcast about the process for creating a new emoji. How to submit a new emoji. I did this before but it didn’t succeed. I need to try this again.
  • Mail man costume - Walk around festivals and Ask people their names, search through your bag, find a letter to them and give it to them. The letter doesn’t need to have their actual name on it. Use Chat GPT to make all the letters unique.
  • Safe sticker - A photo of a wall safe behind a photo - For the people who can’t put holes in their walls.
  • Knit Knot Pillows - Knotted pillows of tubes of fabric. Example

Some other randoms

  • Sleeve Tattoo of Bricks - Each brick is a different design, with little negative space between each block to show the outline. Or thick black outline between the bricks
  • Robotic brim - A solar powered hat that automatically adjusts the brim of the hat to always block the sun from the users eyes
  • A backpack horn - Don’t have a fancy car to install a novelty horn. With the backpack horn you can carry around your own novelty horn and bust it out whenever you want to.
  • Always fizzy cola - A soda can with many tiny compartments stacked on each other. As you drink the soda the walls of the compartments split and new still fizzy soda falls into the lowest compartment. This way you are always drinking fizzy soda
  • Reverse Scavenger Hunt - Instead of collecting items, players are given a list of things that they must leave behind in specific locations. For example, players may be asked to leave a piece of candy on a park bench, a toy car on a street corner, or a flower on a doorstep. The goal is to make people smile and brighten up their day with these unexpected gifts.

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