Idea 065 - Atari Space Invaders LED Matrix pendent

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👉 Done! I gave away a bunch of these at 2023 teardown

One Line Pitch

A necklace penchant that has a LED matrix that displays Atari Space Invaders animations


space-invaders.gifI made a few Atari Space Invaders animation LED Matrix pendants in 2012 after reading a HackADay post about them. Led Matrix Pendants. They used a full size LED matrix with a ATTiny DIP chip. It wasn’t very comfortable to wear and the batteries (2x AA) were heavy to wear around your neck.

A lot has changed and a new version of these pendants could be made using modern techniques using tiny LEDs picked and placed onto a custom PCB board.

Single color 5x7 led matrix (or 8x8), tightly packed and as small as possible. LEDs on one side and processor on the other. If possible the LEDs should be Charlieplexed so that each IO of the processor leads directly to a LED. A coin cell holder over top of the processor on the back for power. Big hoops at the top of the pendant for connecting a cable or chain around the neck. The led matrix would be programmed with the Atari space invaders animation and other simple animations.

It should be able to make these with only 4x types of parts. LEDS, Processors, resistors, battery holders so the costs would be in the $2 range.

Instead of a coin cell holder, wires could be connected to the battery leads and brought back to a battery pack that his hidden behind the neck. Flexible 3D Printed Battery Holder by Geek Mom Projects.

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Video game enthusiasts, old school Atari fans, people who want to wear things that blink

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