Idea 059 - Alices Adventures in Wonderland in a million parts

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One Line Pitch

Stainedglass windows for each location in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


This idea is based on Idea 58 - In a million parts. Of splitting a written work into many parts and making transformative art from each part.

cheshire-cat-stained-glassThe book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland could be split up into sections for each location. There are about 12 different locations.

Then each section would be turned into a stained glass window using my Digital stained glass window technique.

The frames would be all the same size 24x16. This would allow me to make 6 frames for each sheet of Owens Corning Extruded Polystyrene. Using Optix Cracked Ice Clear Acrylic Lighting Panel (24 Inch x 48 Inch), for the top diffuser panel I could make 3 frames per sheet.

It normally takes me about 4 hours to design and make one of these panels. I think I could find the time to do one every week for 12 weeks to make the whole set. Or about 3 months of elapsed time and 48 hours of design and build time.

Prior art


People who love the source material of Alice in Wonderland, people who love art, Art enthusiasts, people looking for unique and meaningful decor, People who like stained glass windows.

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