Idea 054 - Digital Dices

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One Line Pitch

A dice that when rolled shows a random number within a range on a screen


digital-diceA six sided dice, each face of the die has a LCD embedded in the face. An accelerometer and battery are hidden inside. The whole die is sealed with epoxy and uses wireless charging to charge the internal battery. When the dice is rolled a random number is shown on the top face between two ranges.

To program it with a new range, rotate the die to a face then tap it to activate the side

  • Side 1 - Change dice type, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100
  • Side 2 - Add one dice to the count
  • Side 3 - Remove one die from the count
  • Side 4 - Reset, remove all dices, and reset the dice type
  • Side 5 - ???
  • Side 6 - Disco mode

For example, say you needed to roll 3d6. Rotate the dice to side 1 then tap it on the table twice. The face will show what dice type mode it is in. Rotate the dice to side 2, then tap it on the table three times. Every time you tap the dice, it counts up the count of dice and shows the new range. 3d6 = 3-18

It is expected that once the dice is programmed, the player wont change it until they find a new weapon or level up. This digital dice would only be used for specific actions.

The LCDs could show animations as they roll, similar to a slot machine where the faces are slowly rotating until they land on a number. Add some suspense to the rolls.

The LCD could also show other glyphs and symbols beyond numbers. Then this dice could be used for other games that have dice that show, hit, miss, etc…

Using the glyphs instead of numbers, the dice could be used as prompts and inspiration when generating new story ideas similar to STORY DICE but with many more glyphs.

Instead of LCDs an array of LEDs could work too. As long as the grid is 16x16 we could even add pixel art to the dice.

The dice could also have bluetooth connection to your phone. The phone app then could record stats and other information about how well you are rolling. The app could also allow you to set the range without having to tap the dice.

die vs dice

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