Idea 046 - Cherry Blossom Timelapse

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This post is part of the 100 project ideas project. #The100DayProject. I am looking for feedback. Comment below or DM me via social media Instagram, Twitter.

One Line Pitch

Take several time lapse videos of the Cherry Blossom park while its blooming


Using several different cameras take timelapse photos of the cherry blossom trees blooming in cherry blossom park.

  • GoPro Hero 10 - Good at wide angle and high resolution, only lasts about 2.5 hours on battery. Can run continuously using AC power and USB adapter
  • Raspberry PI HD Camera - 12.5 MP with a fixed CS mount lens. Can push to a NAS for backup of images, and store offline. Can be hard to get the focus just right
  • Sony a6400 - Great lenses, but expensive to keep unattended
  • ESP32-cam - Very low resolution camera but battery powered and lasts about 24 hours on a battery bank. Can send photos via HTTP POST back to a server for storage, or on a SD card
  • WyzeCam - Better than the ESP32-cam resolution but you need to hack the firmware for it to take timelapse videos
  • SQ12 - Mini DV camera, ultra cheap 12M(4032*3024) camera. Good timelapse software settings, lasts 24 hours on a single charge. Tiny

The cherry blossoms are already starting to bud and should bloom within the next few weeks. It would take a few days to get all the equipment set up beforehand and ready.

Also see Idea 1 - Cherry Blossom Profile Photo Booths

Prior art

There are hundreds of time lapse videos of cherry blossom on youtube


Everyone like timelapse photography of flowers, people who live in Vancouver.

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