Idea 040 - Growth Commander - Tower defense

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One Line Pitch

Your incharge of mutations and creation of your army. You send your army out to collect food, and battle enemies. Tower defense style game without towers.


farmer-bacteria2This game is similar to Idea 039 - Growth - A game

This is a tower defense style game, where instead of placing towers you build an army and send waves autonomous of units to kill the opponents. These units can be upgraded and mutated to match the needs on the battlefield.

You play the birth mother of single cell organisms that produce your army. You can’t move, you don’t control your army. You can only choose what types are produced, and what mutations that they have.

There are two types of units. A farmer and a warrior.

  • The farmer goes out onto the battlefield, finds a sunny spot and starts farming energy. The energy is automatically returned to the birth mother. The farmers are eaten/killed when an enemy touches them.
  • The warrior goes out onto the battlefield, and attacks the enemies farmers, warriors, and if it gets through all the differences it attacks the enemies birth mother to win the game.

warrior2-bacteria2Each unit starts with 3 heath, speed of 1. Farmers produce 1 energy. Warriors do 1 damage per second.

The birth mother produces one energy per second automatically. (Always have an income). The birth mother produces one new unit per 10 seconds. The unit that will be created is the last unit selected. You can change the selection at any time.

For every farmer unit that is in sunlight you get an additional energy per second. The more farmers the more energy.

You can use energy to mutate your Farmers and Warriors. Increase their stats, give them special abilities, change how they move or how they attack, create special variations of them, upgrade your birth mother to produce new units faster, etc…

Game play

warrior-bacteria2The user starts the game.

The birth mother’s default unit type selected is a farmer. A farmer is created and walks out onto the battlefield. The farmer looks for the first free sunny spot and plants itself into the ground.

The user can change what type of unit will be created next by selecting it from the top banner.

The user waits until it has enough energy then mutates either the farmer or the warrior giving it better stats or new abilities.

On the other side of the map an enemy birth mother does the same things, sending out its units.

When a warrior reaches an enemy unit it stops and does battle. Each second each unit damages each other. If they are the same level with the same stats, they will kill each other evenly. If they are different one will survive and continue down the battlefield.

Game ends when one of the birth mothers is killed.

Prior art

There are plenty of tower defense games. When researching this game I realized that I played this game before as a Warcraft 3 mod called Legion TD: Reborn.



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