Idea 036 - Kaleidoscope Chandler

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One Line Pitch

Light shines through colored glass that rotates to produce washes of colors on the ceiling


kaleidoscopeA chandelier with normal down facing lights for normal usage. A special mode that would turn it into a kaleidoscope that projects a wash of colored light onto the ceiling above.

A small slow moving motor rotates a kaleidoscope so that the patterns slowly change over time. There should be several point sources of light and kaleidoscope tubes, so that the ceiling above the chandelier has a full 360 slash of light. No shadows from the mourning bracket for the chandelier.

The kaleidoscope should have swappable plates of glass in them so that the color pattern can be changed for situations.

Prior art


Stoners, Ravers, people who do lots of psychedelics, teenagers, The YOUTH

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