Idea 031 - Fabric Floral Cyberpunk Armor

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This post is part of the 100 project ideas project. #The100DayProject. I am looking for feedback. Comment below or DM me via social media Instagram, Twitter.

One Line Pitch

Following the pattern of a japanese cloth armor from the 1800s, make modern cyberpunk equivalent armor for raves.


ensemble-by-rei-kawakuboCreate a series of plates that can be snapped together on top of each other. Each plate has a fabric floral pattern wrapped around and sewn into a Polypropylene plastic backing. Each plate has two clasps to the next plate on the bottom and connectors for the plate above it. Using polypropylene plastic or PlexG for the plastic instead of acrylic will make it light enough to move around freely.

See Ensemble by Rei Kawakubo for example

Each section of the garment has leds embedded into the plate and edge lights the acrylic and Polypropylene plastic backing. The light should shine through the fabric. Or edge emitting fiber optics and be used to add the slowing or sparking lights that peak through the fabric.

Leave big gaps on the inner thigh and back should allow for airflow so the wearer doesn’t overheat. Where there are gaps add flexible neon tubing (no EL wire) the 12v LED tubing. This should create an underglow like a race car.

ensemble-by-rei-kawakubo_closeup.pngOpen neck with large collar that reaches up to past the base of the head. White inner lining on the collar. Inside the cavity there are RGB addressable lighting scripts that use the neck and under chin, and white collar as reflectors. The lights react to the sound with different patterns controlled by an app.

All the electronics are feedback to a side bag that has oversize wires feeding in the back of the costume. They should glow or pulse with light. The side back can have all the controls in it and should be powered by lipo packs.

The goal of this costume is to be able to take it to raves and be glittering while still having the beautiful floral patterns.

Prior art


People who want to dress up for raves

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