Idea 030 - Chatbot Journaling

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One Line Pitch

A chatbot that gives you writing prompts for daily journaling. Ask follow up questions for clarity. Builds a web of knowledge about you and gives feedback.


A service that connects to your favorite messaging service (slack, sms, email, Twitter dm, messenger, etc…). Periodically throughout the day it will ask you questions and small writing prompts. You can respond as if you are responding to an inquisitive friend. The chatbot will create a knowledge web of all the information it knows about you. Ask follow up questions.

For example: When you mention a new person it hasn’t heard of it will ask follow up questions about that person. Where did you meet them? How old are they? What do they do for a living, Where do they live, what else is interesting about them.

You can answer as many questions as you like or migrate the conversation on to other topics.

If you connect the chatbot to other parts of your life such as your gps on your phone, or your calendar, or credit card bill it will use this information to ask you more direct questions.

For example: what did you order at the XXX restaurant? Did you meet anyone there? Why did you choose that restaurant?

The response rate and quality of the response can be analyzed across the whole network of people using this app. Then the questions can be ranked for questions that provide the most amount of new information for the knowledge web. Heuristics for the chatbot is to extract the most information that expands its knowledge web. The more nodes it knows about you the happier the chat bot is.

For example, for someone like me it might make questions like;

The first question in the morning would be “What is the most important thing you want to accomplish today?”. Then 8 hours later; “What challenges did you face today?” to help you identify roadblocks. At the end of the day you would rate your day; Normal, amazing, happy, stressful, depressed, exhausted, angry. Then finishing off with; “What did you accomplish today?”

It knows that these types of questions will get the best out of a person like me. While it would ask a different set of questions to a different person.

What is your plan for today? Learn anything new after meeting up with XXX, how do you feel about today? Etc…

The goal of the chatbot is to keep you writing and giving it more information. It optimizes for this goal.

Once the knowledge web of a person reaches a certain threshold we can use this information to provide services to the user. Year-end reviews, personalized assistance, it can remind you of peoples birthdays or special events in their lives, create timelines of your life, make quality of life suggestions, be a backup of your brain, etc…

Chatbot is used to create a journal, asks follow up questions for clarity, and creates a knowledge web of you. Uses these knowledge web to provide services

Prior art

I would be surprised if this was a new idea, but the creation of the knowledge web about a person and incentivizing the robot to know as much as it can about a person is.


People who already like to journal

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