Idea 027 - Print on demand Keyboard Keycaps

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This post is part of the 100 project ideas project. #The100DayProject. I am looking for feedback. Comment below or DM me via social media Instagram, Twitter.

One Line Pitch

A website that lets users upload their own glyphs/images for the top of keycaps


A keyboard designer tool built into a website that allows users to build custom keycaps that are made or ordered (Print on demand) with lots of options.


  • Keycap profiles: OEM, Cherry, SA, XDA, DSA, ASA, GK1, GK2, G20, MDA
  • Colors: Full RGB whatever the dye sublimation printer allows for
  • Dye sublimation, UV printing, Double shot ABS, Resin Cast
  • Opaque or semi transparent
  • Custom glyphs/images for the top of keycaps
  • Keycap Sets: full-size, tenkeyless, or 60%, etc…
  • Material: ABS or PBT plastic, or even keycaps made of metal or wood

3rd party artists can upload their own patterns and sell them for a profit.

3rd party artists can upload their own STL files and molds can be made for resin cast keycaps.

This service can be used to create Idea 7 - Emoji Macro Pad Keyboard.


Prior art

Sometimes you find the exact implementation that you were thinking of doing, only better. This is one of thous cases.

  • WASD Keyboards does exactly what I was looking for only better and has been doing it for years. They even have a great tool for designing keyboard caps.
  • Dye Keycaps


Keyboard nerds. People looking for something unique to get as a gift for the nerds in their life.

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