Idea 024 - Call to Adventure

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One Line Pitch

A mystery letter is delivered filled with puzzles that need to be solved in order to give directions to a meeting place for the start of an adventure.


pigpenCreate a letter that has a call to action “You have been chosen” to describe a scenario where they are needed to right a wrong that has happened in the world. Then say “To ensure that this letter has been delivered to the the right person, you must solve these problems three”

Where, When, Password

The puzzles can be pretty easy: Pigpen cipher, caesar cipher, anagram, letter replacement with the periodic table, etc…

The letter gives the location, time and a password to a party for people who enjoy puzzles. Maybe the first meeting of the secret society of riddlers of vancouver.

Randomly send out the letters to houses in Vancouver. For every 100 letters you send out except 1 person to actually show up. Most people will think it’s junk mail, other people won’t get the puzzle, Vancouver people don’t show up to things that they know about, they probably won’t show up to things that they have no idea about, and are too busy.

The people who do show up will have at least one shard thing in common. A sense of adventure and a love of puzzles.

Give out a challenge coins to the people who show up. Invite other people to make puzzles to share with the group and give out their own challenge coins if people succeed. The best puzzles are solvable with the knowledge that you have on hand.

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