Idea 020 - Many styles of Vancouver

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One Line Pitch

A photo of Vancouver’s skyline with each building painted over in a different artistic style


Take a photo of Vancouver’s skyline from Queen Elizabeth park’s The Photo Session statue. Divide the photo up by each building. Then paint over each building using a different art style. The scale and edges should line up with the building and lines of the next section. It should look like patches but with some cohesiveness to it. The sky, ground, water, can be divided into bans.

Maybe see if we can use AI for each style of each section

We could make this a group art project where I ask a different person to paint each section in their own style and match it all together afterwards. Copyright is owned by everyone in the group. I could organize a group buy of the prints afterwards. Market it as Vancouver diversity is its strength.

Styles of each section: Pencil Sketch, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Mixed media painting, Pencil Color Drawing, Collage Painting, Kalamkari Painting, Scribble Art, Nib Painting, Ink-wash Painting , Acrylic Painting , Pastel Painting, Glass Painting, Fresco Painting, Encaustic Painting, Gouache Painting, Splash Painting, Sand Painting, Spray painting , Board Painting , Scroll Painting , Pulling and Scrapping, Body Painting, Impasto Technique, Casein Painting , Warli Painting, Pahad Painting, Madhubani Painting, Gond Paintings, Patachitra Paintings, Picchwai Painting, Mughal Paintings, Cavern Paintings, Texture Painting, Modernism, Impressionism , Expressionism , Cubism, Surrealism, Chinese Painting, The Japanese Painting, Rajput Painting, Mysore Painting , Tanjore Painting, Tenebrism Painting, Display Painting, Viewpoint Painting, Consolidate Paintings, Foreshortening, Sfumato, Sgraffito,


Prior art

I am sure that this kind of over painting has been done but I can’t easily find any examples.


People who like art, People who like the City of Vancouver, Art collectors

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