Idea 018 - Just the tip skyscraper coffee table book

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One Line Pitch

A photo book of just the tops of very tall buildings, just the top few flors, just the tip


ScreamingA coffee book of a photo series of just the top few floors of very tall skyscraper buildings. The book is called “Just the Tip” in reference to the phallic nature of very tall buildings. Each page will include a photo of just the top few flowers of the skyscraper and a block of text to the side of it. The block of text includes some interesting information about the building. The text is informative and straightforward, does not reference the joke.

  • The Washington monument has an aluminum top, because at the time it was worth as much as gold.
  • Sun Town in Vancouver with its copper roof was once the tallest building in the commonwealth.
  • The Empire State Building’s Spire was built to dock Blimps.
  • Hancock Tower in Boston has a time capsule cemented in it.
  • The Makkah Clock in Saudi Arabia Is the Largest Clock Face in the World, etc

Prior art

Lots of coffee table books on buildings


People with a childish sense of humor


  • Add excess headroom. Like, at minimum always keep the top 1/3 to 1/2 of the frame as empty sky

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