Idea 017 - Traveling 3D printed sculptures

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One Line Pitch

Traveling art exhibit of all the sculptures from a single great master, 3d printed in marble


Problem: Only the wealthy have access to the great works of art that they either hide away or donate to mesuems for the clout and tax breaks. Normal people rarely have access to these great works of art beyond visiting a museum, if they are lucky enough to happen to have the museums locally or they have to travel to see it, costing $1000s.

Solution: We 3d scan the great works of art and reproduce them using 3d printing and mold making. Using different technique and technology we can scale the size of sculpture to any size. Out of plastic, resin, or polished concrete. Great works of art in marble recreated using 3d printers any size you want.

There is something about seeing the real thing, something magical, seeing something that is thousands of years old. The mastery of it. But for most people they won’t know the difference. It works for dinosaur bones.

I don’t know what copyright is on artwork after the artist has dies. Does it work in the same way as written works or media?

I know most of the great works have been throughly scanned already. I wonder if the files are available. If not we can provide the service for free for museum in exchange for access. You could even ask for the general public to do photogramatry to make the 3d models Most of the effort here is collecting a large enough database of artwork that can be reproduced. I like this idea because it is “good” for humanity unlike most of my ideas. Having more access to the great artwork will inspire a whole generation of new creatives.

Prior art


One market is the individual who want something for their house. I would buy a copy of Laocoön and His Sons for $50-100 for my desk. Same with Sisyphus

Another market is art gallery. They could recreate entire bodies of work from one master or another. This could also be a traveling exhibit. All the works and sculptures of Michelangelo in 3D.

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