Idea 015 - AI Create your own story book

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This post is part of the 100 project ideas project. #The100DayProject. I am looking for feedback. Comment below or DM me via social media Instagram, Twitter.

One Line Pitch

AI generated a personalized story book that incorporates information that you provide, following the common story types. Hero’s journey, etc, made for kids


A website asks you some questions about the main characters, names, hobbies, favorite food, gender, hair color, body type. Then generates several images based off of the information that has been provided. The user selects the image that they want to use. Think of a player generation in some video games.

Then suggest a few different common settings, or you can enter in your own settings. Science fiction, adventure, fantasy, Everyday life, etc… After the setting is selected, it will ask more questions about the setting.

Then it will follow the hero’s journey template for the story. Continually asking questions like a “Choose your own adventure” (CYOA). From the following choices what do you think the main character would do in this situation.

Once the question period has been completed. An AI uses the data to generate a simple picture story book that incorporates all the information that has been provided.

Afterwards the story book can be printed on demand, gift wrapped and sent to someone as a gift. I think this would make a great gift for small children. The story is personalized specifically for them.

ChatGPT can be used to generate the dialog and story elements and Mid journey or Dail-E-2 to illustrate the book.

The book could be created as a coloring book that allowed the children color the pages of the book…


“Susan and the Red Goose” - Susan is a young girl with a special talent for acrobatics and a love for all things red. When a mischievous goose starts causing trouble in her town of Vancouver, Susan uses her acrobatic skills to catch the pesky bird and teach it a lesson. Along the way, she discovers that the goose has a special talent of its own, and the two become unlikely friends.

Prior art


Great gift for small children, parents with children, relatives of small children.

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