Idea 014 - AI Pictionary

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One Line Pitch

Like, Pictionary but an AI draws the picture and you try and guess the prompt that was used to generate the picture.


In this game, each team creates a dozen or more keywords. These keywords are randomly mixed up and an AI selects three random words from the keyword list. Then draw an image using these three keywords. Using only the AI generated picture, One team tries to guess the three word prompt (in any order) that was used to generate the image. They can make as many guesses as they want. Once they guess correctly, a new image is presented to them. After 2 mins their teams points are totaled for the round, then the next team goes.

The team with the most points wins

Think Pictionary but the AI draws the images and you try to get what the AI was thinking.

I think the keywords need to come from the players to give them some chance that they can guess the prompts. If it’s any word in the English language I think it would be too tough.

The AI images should look like art drawings, using MidJourny or Dall-e-2

The game could also be played alone

Prior art

  • QuickDraw by Google - In this game you draw a picture and the AI tries to guess the image using a neural net. Classification. The opposite of this game.
  • Iconary - Uses icons instead of full color images.


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