Idea 006 - Procedurally generated Glowing Mushroom PCB

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One Line Pitch

Procedurally generated Art PCB of mushrooms for the #GameOfShrooms art project. Backlit LEDs to add a nice glowing effect.

✅ Done

Project files can be found here GameOfShrooms2023


Game of Shrooms is a once a year world-wide art N seek event created by Attaboy. The next Game of Shrooms happens on June 10th, 2023. On that day, artists from all over the world hide their original mushroom-themed artworks in public places, then they give hints (often on social media) for others to find AND KEEP!

edge_glow Create a script that will procedurally generate the outline of a mushroom. Fill the front face of the PCB with procedurally generated artistic PCB traces. These traces are not connected to anything and are purely esthetic.

The back side of the mushroom would have several RGB LEDs. These LEDS are positioned in such a way that when the mushroom is mounted to a wall the light illuminates out the sides to create a glowing effect. The RGB LEDs should be programmable and cycle through a series of patterns.

A sensor could be put on the front to detect if it is day or night. The LED would only glow at night. Kind of like a night light.

Stretch goal would be to make this battery powered.

How to draw generative NFT Mushrooms with ThreeJS 2 has done most of the work on the procedurally generated outline of the mushrooms. I would need to convert his output into a SVG, then use svg2shenzhen to convert the KiaKad files.

art_pcb_traces battery_connector

Prior art

  • PicoPlanet has a procedurally generated traces for her touch pads on the PicoPlanet


Art lovers, people who like mushrooms, anyone looking for an interesting night light

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