I never

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I Never is a drinking, word game. This is an absurdly easy game. It’s not about how much you drink, but what you can find out about your friends. This is a game you don"t just want to play with your buddies, you will want some girls in the mix and preferably people that have lived an eventful life.

What you will need Some non-bashful people who have lived at least a semi eventful life.  A good mixture of guys and girls is important.

How to play the game Everyone sits in a circle and the person that suggested the game goes first.  They say, “I have never€¦.” followed by something that he or she may or may not have done. (See below for some examples)  If anyone has done the event they have to drink.  The person to the right goes next and starts with, “ I have never…”.  The games gets good as people try more daring things. “I have never€¦”

  • Cheated on a test
  • Cheated on a Girl/Boy friend
  • Stole from a homeless man
  • Made out with a stranger
  • Slept with a stranger

Feel free to suggest some other “I have never€¦’s”

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