How to Move/Backup/Load a SVN repository

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After the first time my computer crashed and i lost 3 months of work, I started religiously making backups of everything, dialy, weekly quarterly backups of all my data. Its become an obsession of mine, before I start a project I always make sure that there is a recovery procedure.

For source code and documents I use a SVN repository (Rev 9000+ and counting). The SVN server is running on a local server that mirrors its self to an off site backup nightly. (Just in case my house burns down)

This local server is a aging computer and needs to be replaced with brand new one, more space, raid, batter backup, ect.

I’m going to have to move the SVN repository. I did a quick Google search and found this forum post.

You will need to run this from command prompt

svnadmin create NEWDIR svnadmin dump OLDDIR > mydump ssvnadmin load NEWDIR mydump

Now I can make off site DVD backups of my SVN repository directory just in case anything happens to my local SVN server, and my remote SVN server at the same time.



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